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Creating Confident Sailors with Easygoing Personalized Training

Captain Scott Penfield was raised in Cleveland Ohio, learning how to sail on his father’s sailboats and through the yacht clubs the family belonged to.  He and his wife Gail moved to Florida in 1972.  He worked for the U.S. Air Force for 34 years as a natural resource manager.

Gail, started a teaching career in Florida, teaching grades kindergarten through 4th grade. They raised two sons and   once the boys graduated from college, got married and moved on Gail and Scott purchased their dream boat a CSY 44 walkover “Chanticleer”.   For the last 14 years they have completely rebuilt and restored the boat to its current exceptional condition and have sailed over 20,000 miles up and down the East Coast and the Bahamas.   Eight years ago Scott obtained his Coast Guard Captain’s license and started doing charters for the Boy Scout High Adventure Florida Sea Base, where he could resume his Scouting skill set, providing leadership training to the hundreds of participants throughout the country that may or may not have ever been on the salt water or ever on a sailboat. They both enjoy gourmet cooking and Scott has extensive knowledge of Florida ecology. Their website