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Creating Confident Sailors with Easygoing Personalized Training

Captain Brett Freeman has been on the water his whole life. Growing up in Tennessee, he always found time to get out on the lake with his family and friends. Brett is an Eagle scout, and he attributes his time as a scout to his heightened sense of adventure. It is through his membership in scouting that Brett was first introduced to the world of sailing and cruising. At the age of 16, Brett embarked on the week-long Coral Reef Sailing program offered by the BSA Florida National High Adventure Sea Base in Islamorada, FL ( To this day, Brett is a proud crew member of the Sailing Vessel "Trade Wind", the boat that introduced him to a whole new chapter in the boating world. Brett returned to Sea Base as soon as possible at the age of 18 to become a staff member. Starting out as a program sailing mate, Brett worked his way through the ranks at Sea Base, always finding time absorb the various stories and skills of the some 40 captains there on the dock. He soon discovered a new love for tall ships with a mate position aboard the 78 ft, steel topsail Schooner Yankee ( Brett enjoyed his time as a mate so much that he went on to earn his USCG captains license. His first command was of the Sailing Vessel "Endeavour," a 1974 Morgan Out Island sloop on which he acted as a captain and guide for 8-passenger boy scout high adventure charters in the Florida Keys ( After this, Brett decided owning a cruising sailboat was definitely right for him, which led to his purchase of Bahama Rogue. Brett is by far a lover of Florida, a lover of sailing, and a lover of the sea. He works well with all ages, as he has been a sailor in most age groups. Finally, he is a big believer in never sailing alone: "always share the dream with others." His website is