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Creating Confident Sailors with Easygoing Personalized Training

Learn to Bring your Boat to the Dock

Getting that big boat into a little slip can be a daunting challenge, even for experienced sailors. But it’s an important skill, like learning to take-off and to land an airplane if you’re a pilot. To dock competently and without injury or property damage requires an understanding of the forces that act on a boat, how you can control them, and lots of practice.  Though docking and mooring is taught and practiced in all ASA’s on-the-water courses, the vast majority of students feel that they can benefit from additional, focused practice in this crucial area of their sailing skills.  Even students who can competently dock a particular sailboat in their local waters appreciate the chance to learn skills that will come in handy in different locations and circumstances, such as those that would be experienced when strong currents and tricky crosswinds are present, or when Mediterranean mooring or tight, close-quarters maneuvering is required.

We have a number of docks all over downtown Miami where we will pratice in real life situations.  You will start with simple manuvers in open spaces and as your comfort level increases move to more difficult senarios where we compensate for wind and current while safely handling the boat both in reverse and forward  while around other boats.

This hands-on course allows students to learn and practice repetitive docking and casting-off maneuvers to reinforce understanding of theory, methods and skills. Both novice and experienced sailors will benefit from this course as the techniques apply to small outboard powered boats in the 15- to 20-foot range on up to 50-foot inboard single-screw cruising yachts.

Upon successful completion of this course, students experience a significant increase in enjoyment in all of their sailing ventures because they will no longer fear docking at the end of the day. Partners enjoy mastering these skills together because it helps them to become more proficient and confident in how to work with each other to calmly and safely bring the boat back home.

Daytime Lessons (Non- Liveaboard):

Includes books and ASA certification, 2 day class


Docking Endorsement       ASA 118         790

 Two  days of intensive docking practice in downtown Miami. We will pull the boat up to the dock at a local restaurant for your lunches, sodas are included on board. If you would like to add a one night sleep over it will include the chance for you to buy dinner and listen to live music as we dock at Bayside for 4 hours in the evening, then returning  to our mooring behind Jungle Island. The sleep over adds $125 and includes all your linens and towels, a separate cabin and head (marine bathroom) with shower.

Trips:   Charges are based on days out on the water sailing.  It may be possible to spend the night before your trip starts and your last night aboard at $100 per night.  Dinners are not included those nights. Shorter or longer trips are available. Please call for additional pricing.

Payment:   50% deposit is required in order to confirm your charter, with the balance paid 30 days before sailing. For trips booked within 45 days or less from the start date payment is due in full at the time of booking.  Paypal is the preferred method of payment, credit cards are accepted.

Cancellation:  If you cancel the charter, the fees are not refundable unless the vessel is re-booked by another party. If we are able to re-book a charter for the same dates, the deposit will be refunded less a 10% fee. If you need to change your booking dates, a fee may be charged. We strongly recommend trip insurance to cover unexpected circumstances. If a trip is canceled due to weather, we will refund the fees for the unused part of your trip.

Gratuity:  After your charter, if you feel we have done a wonderful job, a gratuity is welcomed and always appreciated.